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Truck. Credit. Weather. Quicken.

March 9th, 2013 at 12:22 pm

My DH took our truck in for its smog test and to have a tire repaired. $65. The yearly registration for the truck is due the end of this month.

I got a comment on my blog that someone used my referral code. I checked my Ting account and it was a $50 credit! They are running a promotion until March 15 were I get a double credit for each one.

Two more months of free cell service! Big Grin

I am going to snowflake that money to a cc payment.

The weather is beautiful. We had some rain on Tuesday night, but the system passed through quickly. We really need more rain, but it's hard to complain about the sun, 70F days and lovely sunsets.

Just wanted to say again how much I love using Quicken. It is so useful for tracking, but also so useful for planning.

I worked a system out months ago where I input income and expenses a month ahead at a time. It makes it so great for planning because I can see which week might be tight or flush. I can change a payment amount and, without doing any work myself, see how that impacts the rest of my month.
And categorizing expenses is so easy; I love the colored pie chart. Big Grin

If you are on the fence about trying it - do it. I wish I started sooner.

3 Responses to “Truck. Credit. Weather. Quicken.”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    I am glad you like Quicken. I hesitate sometimes to recommend it. Either you LOVE it or you HATE it. Big Grin
    It took me 5 minutes to do my taxes this year (Mostly Thanks to Quicken). I mostly could not imagine handling our personal finances without the powerful software I am used to using at work for everyone else's finances. Quicken isn't the fanciest software, but I know how to bend it to my will. Big Grin
    We just did a smog on my dh's car. I had a client come in with a $20 vehicle license fee. I thought to myself, "WOW - that is LOW." & keep in mind, my clients are conservative and they will keep cars for a decade or two, but this still struck me as low. I went to pay dh's renewal and his fee was only $8. LOL. I had no idea. (The tax-deductible part. We still had to pay $79 for the rest of the renewal fees).

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    When you said $20 and then $8 I was thinking "Wholy Cow what am I doing wrong?!" Glad you clarified by saying tax-deductable part. lol!

  3. snafu Says:

    I too love Quicken and find it tracks DH & my retirement investments and regular portfolio with a couple of click. It keeps me aware of net worth and I see quickly where any over spending has occurred. It's a great motivator for savings and investment

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