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Big Spender!

August 25th, 2011 at 05:09 pm

I was given a $10 Kohl's cash coupon last week when DD and I stopped in to buy her some socks and a new pair of jeans. Last night I used it and bought myself a six pack of socks and DH a six pack of socks all for $11. I am proud that I used the coupon for a need and not the other things I saw that I wanted. Big Grin


My check engine light came on again last week. Today I stopped in at the mechanic and thankfully it just had to do with a burnt fuse. Hopefully it won't happen again or it might mean an electrical problem. Our mechanic took about 20 minutes checking everything over and didn't charge me anything! Yay! I was happy about that; last month he got $1796 from us.

1 Responses to “Big Spender!”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    Whew! After a month that leads to almost 1800 bucks, he probably felt like he owed you a freebie. Wink Too bad it wasn't body work or something covered by insurance. Here's to quick fixes!

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