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Paying More for Health Insurance

January 18th, 2014 at 05:27 pm

I wish, wish, wish, wish that the government wouldn't always take a good idea and f*ck it every which way so that it ends up being a near worthless pile of crap!
Health care should be easy to get, effective and inexpensive for everyone..period.

Anyway, moving on..
Both DH and I are lucky enough to have 100% employer paid health insurance that covers us. I also have a very good dental plan that covers the entire family. I am very thankful for all this.
We have to purchase insurance for the children privately because adding them to either my or DH's plan costs so much. (I have NEVER understood WHY this is?!)

We worked with an insurance agent again to help us chose coverage. I HIGHLY recommend using an agent - It doesn't cost you anything and they are extremely knowledgeable (at least ours was).

Here is a portion of the spreadsheet he provided to compare monthly premiums, deductibles and total annual costs (best and worst).

I'll get to the point here.. we are now paying $258/month for insurance, an increase of $76/month more. Same amount of coverage, but a new plan from a different company - had to change because the old plan doesn't even exist anymore.

We are not eligible for any premium assistance/pre-paid tax credit on the kid's policies because DH and I have "affordable" employee sponsored plans.

It hurts the pocketbook and I'll be neglecting other things I'd rather throw money at.
Somehow I will come up with a way to cover this added outflow.
What about other families?

3 Responses to “Paying More for Health Insurance”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    If you like your president, you can keep your president...

    We won't know until May how this all shakes out for us, but we already know it will not be good. Frown

  2. snafu Says:

    Insurance agents are paid a commission by the company they represent or the company you choose, for each and every month you carry your insurance. It may not be obvious but the cost is a part of the premium as is the profit for the insurer and their stock holders.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    LR - I really hope this all ends up helping everyone, not beating up the middle class yet again.

    Snafu - I totally understand how he gets paid. He explained it too.. it's not hidden by any agent I've worked with. Additionally, a plan's premium cost the same no matter if you buy it directly or through an agent. You might as well take advantage of a resource you're already paying for in that case.

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