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Phone Interview Went Smoothly

June 5th, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Had my phone interview this afternoon. It went smoothly. I got the feeling there are many people they are phone screening, so we'll see.

I was told I should hear in about a week if there will be a face to face interview.

The interviewer asked what my desired salary would be and I said $42k, which is a decent increase over what I make now. She couldn't offer exact details on compensation, but there is base salary, commission, "spiffs", vehicle & fuel reimbursement.

Still feeling unsure/anxious about this, but as I keep saying, the possibilities are exciting.

If I do get a personal interview I am thinking at that point I will tell my current boss what is going on. If I do not get the job it will open a dialog about the fact I will be leaving at some point.
And if I do get the job I will have given him a bit more advanced notice - I think that is the right thing to do given nearly 14 years of employment.

What do you all think?
Everyone here (DH, coworker, friends) think I should just stick with the standard two weeks notice.

ETA: I was able to speak with the woman who just left this position after 13 years. I've known her for a long time so I told her I had applied and asked for her perspective.
She said she didn't get along with the regional manager (her boss) who was hired two years ago. She said, "she is very middle management. Some people get along fine with her. You might like her just fine."
She didn't say, "Heck NO - Run away!" So I guess that's good??

3 Responses to “Phone Interview Went Smoothly”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think it is fine to tell your boss earlier, however, I wonder given his ability to pay you if he might let you go right away since it could be a cost savings. Something to think about. I suppose at that point you could file unemployment.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Good Luck!

    I would not mention anything to boss right now, but I think more than 2 weeks is okay. (Especially if it would not be too much of a hardship if he just let you go). I would personally work on just starting a little later if you got the job. Or let it go. Do you really want to potentially end up unemployed if you don't get the job? Can you still help out old employer and have a transition period of sorts, if you do get the job?

    I don't like the two-week rule. I have always done it because that is what has been drilled into me, but have regrets about every time I only gave 2-weeks notice. I think though it just depends on the situation. My general work experience has been I could have given more notice and everyone would have been fine with that. (Though I can't see giving more than a month or two of notice, and only if I could survive without the paycheck for a month or two, in the worst case. You never know. Sometimes employers just show you to the door when your esign).

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I would wait a little longer to tell your boss as well. At least until it looks somewhat firm that you have this new job. Like CCF said, it is very possible that this guy will use it as an excuse to let you go.

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