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Good News & Ranking Debt

September 22nd, 2010 at 10:30 am

The company in Alaska who processed and shipped DH's fish charged us for his AND his boss' fish. The good news is we are getting $125 back. Yay!


I was thinking yesterday about debt. I think we can all agree that there is bad debt and worse debt, but how would you "rank" it?

Here is what I came up with in order from not-so-bad to worst.

Mortgage Debt
Student Loan (IF you're using what you learned to make money)
Auto Loan
Student Loans (when you're NOT using what you learned)
Personal Loans from family/friends
Credit Cards
RV/Boat/Recreational Loans
"Rent to Own" places for furniture/appliances
Personal Loans/Check Cashing places

So what do you think? How would you rank these?

***Edit: Disclaimer Wink
This list is just for fun. My musings about debt. I'm assuming these debts under "normal" conditions. Of course there is exceptions to every debt. Underwater mortgages, using HELOC as an ATM, "buying" a new car every three years, a personal loan that destroys a friendship or a medical loan for butt cheek implants vs. heart surgery. Big Grin


September 20th, 2010 at 11:23 am

My goodness it's already been 10 days since my last post?!? I've been busy and having some issues with the laptop computer.. Arg. So many of your blog entries I've missed out on. Trying to catch up on reading them as I can.

DH had a fabulous time in Alaska. His fish "cost" us about $270 to process, package and ship home. He also had 10lbs of the salmon smoked. It is on it's way to us..I love smoked salmon Smile

I am going to Kentucky for a few days next week. EEK! My mom, sister, aunt and I are traveling there for the World Equestrian Games. I wouldn't be going except my mom and aunt are treating - airfare, bed and breakfast, food, car rental. They wouldn't let me say "No".

DS is still dabbling in baby cereals and a few of the yellow veggies. He had his doctors appointment just over a week ago. Growing well, he is now 14lbs 7oz. Such a sweetie!

DD is doing great in fourth grade. I really like her teacher this year. But so far I've liked all her teachers. Smile Lucky us.

We lost one of our hens this past weekend. She was sick and I couldn't help her get better no matter how much I tried. Frown We buried her under our peach tree.

Last Thursday we switched to our bundled phone/internet/tv service. So far it's been good. We've never had a DVR before, or HD channels, so that's cool. And it has been years since we've had call waiting or caller id on the phone. Never saw the point in paying extra for those services. I am not a fan of call waiting so I kinda wish I could turn that feature off anyway.

Made $50 this weekend checking on a kitty. I will be seeing my old cat client on Tuesday for $40. That $90 is going to the EF! Yay!

Refi is chugging along. We haven't locked yet, but all the paperwork thus far is in order.

Only 10 more days in September! My DD is already planning Halloween decor and her costume. I don't feel like I've gained much ground this month. Next month I start back to work full time. Not really excited about that, but the additional income after all these months will be sooo nice. Big Grin

While Hubby's Away...

September 10th, 2010 at 10:41 am

The Wife will play..Big Grin

Okay, not really!

But I've been very, very busy doing double duty here at the house. Plus I have started the ball rolling on our refi. Looking to reduce our rate to close to 4.5%, depending on when we lock. That should equate to approximately $170/mo savings. And with our property taxes down we are looking at saving another $100/mo in taxes!

Also had a Comcast (cable TV co.) salesman come by the house yesterday. They come by about every two months or so and want to "bundle" our phone and internet services with our cable. In the past I've never been real interested in changing anything. But yesterday I was like, "Oh what the heck..We'll try it." $120/mo for phone, internet, TV.
We will be getting a faster internet connection, more phone services like caller ID and call waiting, free install, a free HD DVR, all the HD channels and one of the premium movie channel packages (Starz). It won't be any huge savings, about $5-$10/mo, but lots more "stuff". Of course saving is saving; it's all good! We'll see..

Told DH about it on the phone. He said he is totally fine with any changes, just as long as I don't change the locks! Big Grin

He has 65lbs of Halibut and 30lbs of Salmon so far. I'm thinking packages of fish as Christmas gifts - Just kidding!

I am going to try the salmon crock pot recipe that Monkey Mama posted once the fish gets here.


I have pretty much had a NSWeek so far (Mon - Fri). Only had to buy diesel for the truck. $75. I have been too busy/too lazy to do any shopping. I will have to go grocery shopping this weekend and Costco next week. This week has been cheap! Smile


Baby DS has started some solid food. Baby oatmeal, of course, and he really likes sweet potatoes. That's it so far. Tonight I might try carrots.


Sold a pair of DD's old riding boots $12. I paid $8 for them two summers ago. Made $40 this AM from my elderly cat side "job". This money will be going to the EF which is very close to the first 1k goal mark! Smile

Happy 3 Day Weekend!

September 6th, 2010 at 04:16 pm

DH flew out for Alaska Saturday AM. He has already caught plenty of fish for our family. (He doesn't eat fish at all!) He will be shipping his halibut catch from yesterday home today. One of his halibut weighed 120 lbs!
Right now he is out fishing for trout and salmon.

Visited my sister in Eureka Saturday-Sunday. My mom and dad met us there. DSister cooked dinner both nights and dad treated to breakfast Sunday AM. Very nice to visit with the family. And DD and I had several free meals and no clean up! Smile We drove home late last night - nice because DD, baby and the dogs just slept and there was no traffic to deal with. Also gives me today to putt around the house and do various household chores. (Laundry!)

Battling an ant invasion. They made their move while we were gone. It seems they were drawn to a empty soda can and some french fries. First time we've ever had any problem in this house.

Is it really September 6th? I am still touching up this months' budget. No big changes to the money situation here.

Hot Days

September 2nd, 2010 at 05:47 pm

Having some hot days here. 100F. I noticed the pictures I posted from our camping trip didn't last very long. So I'll re-post a few for those of you who may have missed them.
Just looking at this picture cools me off. Smile

The 129-foot high Burney Falls

Pizza delivered for dinner tonight. Worth it on a hot evening. $33 for two pizzas, two salads, sodas, delivery and tip.

Gift and other $$

September 1st, 2010 at 11:13 am

I must be a good girl..the money is flowing my way.. Big Grin

A very generous client gave us a gift at work. $200 for me!

My coworker paid me back $50.

I made $40 by making a housecall to my friend's neighbor. I've been helping them with their elderly cat who needs regular blood draws, but HATES the vet. (I've been there a few times now so actually I've made $200 so far.)

And DH gave me the $6 he had in his pocket.

Other Updates:

Looking into a refi for the house...
DS going to try out his new highchair tonight..
DH headed to Alaska on Saturday... A whole week of having the bed to myself!! Big Grin