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Car Insurance - PAID

December 30th, 2010 at 03:26 pm

I did something last week I never thought I'd do, or rather what I wished I could do, but was never able.. I paid for my whole year of auto insurance! $660. Big Grin I used money from the EF. I will still keep $120/mo. in my budget for the insurance and pay back the EF and then put the rest to the New Car Account. By paying all at once I am saving the $7/mo installment/billing fee or their $3/mo auto bank transfer fee (which I never used, maybe once?). An additional $36-$84/year savings. Yay!

I want to say thanks to all of you for your great ideas and inspirations. It has helped me look at my money (income and debt) differently. Last year I would have probably spent the money I used to fund my EF. Not on crap, but food or bills or a trip. Now I was able to pay my insurance bill and save the costs from the billing fees. Then to top it off I get to blog to you all about it because I know you'll be excited like I am. Thanks!
Big Grin

Belated Merry Christmas

December 28th, 2010 at 11:01 pm

And Happy almost New Year! Big Grin

I had this post all typed up on Sunday morning (12/26) and Blam-O my computer kicked me off the internet. I haven't had any time to re-type until now.....

Belated Merry Christmas to all! I am hoping all of you had a lovely holiday. This year more than ever I felt so lucky to have what I have. We are so very lucky. May we all have good luck and success in 2011!

We hosted this year for the first time ever. Inlaws came Thursday afternoon in their motorhome and my parents and my sister came Christmas Eve morning and everyone stayed until Sunday morning. FIL and DH were in charge of the prime rib (from Costco) for Christmas dinner and it was AWESOME! I tried two new recipes - roasted carrots with ginger and brown sugar glaze and a potato gratin made with heavy cream. The carrots were fab, the potatos I'll make again with more cheese Smile Also had ham, green beans, fruit salad, dinner rolls and a ton of desserts. I made the hashbrown quiche and lemon scones for Christmas morning. Had to laugh a bit because FIL was kinda "eh..quiche..hu?" until he tasted it and then there wasn't enough of it. It went fast! Could've made a triple batch! DH made breakfast Sunday morning for everyone. Total for the Christmas groceries about $230. Also had the housecleaners come for $90.

I feel good about our spending on gifts this year too. Less than in past years, but scored some very nice gifts too. Best find for me was a Giants jersey for DH's big/Santa present. $60 on Ebay. Very nice.

As DH pointed it out it was nice not having to travel and really nice not having to pack up all the gifts and drive them home. We just unwrapped and pretty much put them away.

Of course the kids (just DD and DS) were spoiled rotten with all the grandparent and auntie time, plus their gifts. Wink Baby was so cute, he opened his presents pretty much by himself (a little help from big sis to get started) and he got so excited when he saw all the goodies inside the paper. Of course the wrapping paper itself was exciting also.

SO Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Christmas Spending

December 18th, 2010 at 09:50 pm

Did a bit of shopping this morning with little DS. Mostly Santa related. Stocking stuffers (shampoo, deodorant and mouth wash) and odds and ends to compete the gift list. Bought some frames for family pictures for gifts at WalMart $3 (5X7) and $5 (8X10)!
I had ordered a Santa gift from Ebay for DH and when I was done there was a link to Vistaprint for buiness cards 250ct for $4. DH needed some new cards for his side work stuff. I had them shipped at the slowest/cheapest rate and was pleasently suprised when they arrived two weeks ahead of time. Santa will put them in his stocking.

Still need to buy something for the boss - $20 Starbucks card I think. Sister - small cookie sheet pan to go with cookbook I bought already. Looking for a DVD for co worker. A few more stocking stuffers for baby. Santa gift for the cats (dogs and chickens already done Smile ) Some sweets for my Grandpa. DH and DD will go shopping tomorrow for gifts to donate for a child off a "Giving Tree".

AND next week all the food...((Gulp!))

DH had $470 extra in his paycheck this week from sales commissions. Yay! That helps offset some Christmas spending.

Gotta get some gifts wrapped!!

Sick Day

December 14th, 2010 at 03:36 pm

I have been so busy working and running around trying to get Christmas things done. Tree, outdoor lights, Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping, etc.. I had been meaning to make a posting titled "Runaway $$ Train" because of all the cash that's flying out the station here. But I couldn't get enough time on the computer until today. I wasn't feeling very well - sore throat, headache and DS has a runny nose and cough. So he and I have been snuggled up most of the day just resting.

I never had a chance to put a December budget together and am reduced to marking off which bills have been paid on a "To Do" list. Part of the problem is I haven't gotten any document or spreadsheet software for the laptop yet. My FIL has the Microsoft disks and we meant to bring them home after Thanksgiving and totally forgot them. Frown He is going to bring them to our house for Christmas. If that doesn't work out I am going to try Open Office suggested to me by Monkey Mama. I'll just muddle thru the rest of the year, all two weeks of it Smile, and start fresh January.

That's the other thing: We're hosting Christmas at our house this year. DH's idea. Rolleyes Hey, I would rather go to our parent's houses where they get to take on the cooking and cleaning! Big Grin

My BFF came for a visit this past weekend. It was so great! She hadn't seen our house yet. It had been so long since her last visit (maybe three years?) She and I went to San Francisco Saturday evening for a show. We stopped for a nightcap and once we got back home we stayed up until 3am talking. The tickets to the show were a Christmas present to me from DH.

Baby is up, gotta go..
I'll leave you with a picture of him and Santa.