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Laptop Still Out

July 26th, 2011 at 04:49 pm

Making a quick post here at work because our laptop is still at Staples while they try to see if they can get it fixed for free. I'm not holding my breath, but if they can get their third party repair center to cover the cost I'm all for that.

On my walk this morning I was telling my friend all about the problems we'd been having with the computer. She told me that they know a great computer tech/repairman.. Gee, would've liked to have known that six months ago! If Staples can't get the darn screen to work then I very well might try this repair guy. I can't say I'm not looking at buying a new laptop either. I've been looking thru ads and checking them out whenever I've been shopping in stores. I might start looking online if I get time here at work. I don't want to spend the money, but you get so used to the convenience of internet at home... Still it's a WANT not a NEED..

I think one of the main reasons I haven't missed the laptop too much is because I'm doing so much reading. Any free time and my nose is in the Game of Thrones books. Currently I'm a quarter way into the fourth book. Awesome reading, I'm really enjoying them. However, my family is complaining that I'm not spending time with them because I'm always reading! Big Grin

Murphy is Visiting

July 19th, 2011 at 05:28 pm

I've been told unfortunate things happen in threes. Well I guess Murphy (as many of you call it) has come to visit; and now that the damage is done he can GO..

1) DH's dentist bill. $1065
We knew we were going to have to do this, but it didn't make it any better.

2) Car repairs. $1600 (est)
More work needed to be done than just what was damaged in the fender-bender. This cost will be off-set by the $760 from the woman who backed into the Pathfinder.

3) Laptop not working. $70 (so far)
The screen like goes to sleep when you open it regularly. It flashes the desktop and then the screen goes blank. If you open it in Safe Mode it works fine. The computer is currently at Staples. The $70 was for diagnostic tests, which it passed, and they called to tell me it must be a short to the screen.. However, that doesn't explain how the screen works fine in Safe Mode. Yeah they couldn't answer that. Rolleyes So I think we're looking at taking it to somebody else who hopefully knows what they're doing or buying a new laptop.


'Course in the grand scheme of life this is nothing, but indulge me in a small complaint

Random Money Happenings

July 7th, 2011 at 05:15 pm

As you might remember my car was backed into two weeks ago. Well today I had it checked out at the mechanic's shop because I've been smelling gas. The time/cost to diagnose the problem will be 2hrs/$235. To fix it? As of now, unknown. Tomorrow I am going to call the elderly lady and see how she wants to pay for all this. To top it off the car's registration is due this month and I think it's due for a smog. But, I haven't gotten a notice from DMV yet and I'm not even going to try for a smog until this gas odor is dealt with. I heard that California is not sending the renewal notices out with as much notice as in the past. 'Course I'm sure you can't pay any later than usual!

My paycheck on July 5th didn't have my raise on it. Frown The raise was effective starting June 1st. I had it on the last paycheck. What the heck bookkeeper?! I told the boss and he sent the bookkeeper an email, but when will I see the money?
Really thinking that I will set the raise money aside for my ROTH. That would be about $50-$60/mo.
Should I split it with DH's ROTH?

Giants had a few wins so I added $6 to the EF.
New balance is $3795.

But in a moment I will transfer $1k to the cc to cover DH's dental bill from this afternoon.
Newest EF balance $2795.

I guess -
Easy come. Easy go.

McDonalds has a promo going until next week for their new smoothie flavor, Pineapple and Mango, 12oz(a small) for $1. The smoothie is very tasty, I tried one Monday.

I stopped by there today to pick two up and they were out. I asked it they would sell another flavor for the same price? They said "No", so I said thanks anyway and drove off thru the drive thru. Too bad for them because I was thinking of also getting nuggets and fries. Good for me because they saved me money. I came home and made a smoothie and ate food I already had. Big Grin

Suze's Book

July 7th, 2011 at 04:26 pm

I finished Suze's The Money Class book over the weekend. I want to share an online resource with you, plus if I post it here then I can always find it easily myself. Big Grin

For special tools and resources for readers of The Money Class:

On her homepage (suzeorman.com) there is an icon labeled
The Classroom
Enter the passcode: 999 999 999

June Wrap-Up. July's Goals.

July 4th, 2011 at 11:24 am

1. Get to the gym three times weekly?
Currently 1x/weekly.
Summertime weather makes it hard to go into the gym. My exercise: walking Tuesday mornings and going to Zumba at the gym on Wednesday nights. Our gym has a nice pool, we need to try to use it.

2. Apply any "extra" money from regular paychecks to debt.
Unfortunately, No. Frown
I'm thinking about applying my recent raise income to my ROTH. Hmmm...

3. Weekly budget amount for food and household and etc. spending cut to $175/week.
Honestly haven't kept track lately.

4. Add $2 to savings for each SF Giants win.
This has been great. Big Grin Very easy to do.

Happy 4th Everyone!

July 4th, 2011 at 09:27 am

We are staying at home and BBQing up some ribs.
Funny story about that..
When DH bought the ribs the grocery checkout girl wouldn't touch them. She even made a comment to him about how she couldn't stand meat eaters! He couldn't believe how he was treated just for buying meat. So stunned he didn't even say anything to her. He said the bag boy made a joke about it and kind of laughed off her behavior. But come on, you work in a grocery store! If it clashes with your beliefs that much you need to work somewhere else.

So, staying home today BBQing, watching baseball, reading, relaxing. Then tonight we'll watch the city fireworks from our front lawn and set off a few ourselves.

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Oh yeah.. A Few More Things

July 2nd, 2011 at 02:19 pm

On July 1st our state sales tax decreased by 1%. Our state is in a financial crunch and they lower the sales tax? I told DH I would rather keep paying the same if it meant they wouldn't have to deeply cut teachers, firefighters, elder care, state parks, etc.. Of course we're not planning any large purchases where we would be saving a bunch with the lower tax rate. I am assuming by this time next year the sales tax will be back up?


Gas prices have been going down in our area. It was $3.65/gal at Costco on Thursday. Maybe even lower now. How about in your area?


Another thing I've meant to post - My Pathfinder was backed into last week at work. One of our elderly clients. Not really much damage to my car, bumper mostly. Her car had a big crunch in it. She told me she, or insurance, would pay for any repairs. On Thursday I took my car in for it's first estimate, it is $515. I am wondering if I should have her pay or just let it go. I am also thinking she could pay me and I could add the money to the EF or toward the cc. Would that be very wrong?


Next week DH has a big dentist appointment. Fillings and a 3/4 crown. Looking like our portion will be $1k. Ouch! I can split up payments if I want, but that's not really an issue, as most all of the cost will come from the EF. Frown


The Giants won last night. EF balance now $3789.

Okay, back to reading and playing with baby DS (who is walking pretty well now, by the way) DD is at a birthday pool party, DH is catching up on some office work. It's 90F so far today. I've got the AC on.

More Shopping on Amazon - Alarm Clock

July 2nd, 2011 at 01:08 pm

Last weekend our alarm clock died. Frown I thought DH and bought it when we first got together, but he said I already had it. That means it lasted for over 11.5 years! I think that's great for a cheapie little clock. It was a dual alarm and I'm pretty sure it was $8 at WalMart when I bought it. Anyhow, I stopped in at Target and they had squat as far as alarm clocks go. So I went home and shopped on Amazon. I didn't want a really loud buzzer. We have a spare alarm clock and it is so loud I want to smash it when it goes off! On Amazon I found a nice dual alarm Sony with reviews that stated it had a quiet buzzer. Plus this alarm clock has a radio, the old one didn't. It cost $15.67 and had free shipping. We received it Wednesday and so far it's perfect. Letís see if this one will last us 10+ years.

Thinking about the alarm clock makes me think about other small, but necessary things around the house. How much do all those things add up to? (quite a chunk of money when you start adding it all up)
How long do they last? (Sometimes you really get your money's worth)

I also got my books from Amazon on Thursday. This weekend I will finish up Suze's book and start The Game of Thrones.