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Merry Christmas Wishes to You!

December 24th, 2012 at 11:27 am

May each one of you have a very Merry Christmas with all the blessings of the season!

Smilie Weihn Winki

Soaking in the Season

December 22nd, 2012 at 10:31 am

Just a lazy chore day here at home. DH is out at his work putting together the kids' bikes for Santa.
I have the holiday music playing on the TV.
Once I finish here I will light some of my very favorite holiday scented candles and listen to the Christmas music while I get the following done.
General tidying up.
Finish up the gifts that still need wrapping or gift bagged.
Lazing around with the computer or a book and coffee.
There may be pie or cookie eating involved also. Smile

Root Canal Story

December 21st, 2012 at 02:19 pm

My root canal Wednesday went fine. I really don't have any fear of the dentist (or doctors) so I know that works in favor by keeping my stress level down a lot. I've never been through a root canal before; it was an interesting exerpienece. There was zero pain or feeling for the whole thing. The endodontist was really good with the Novocain injections, I didn't even feel the needle. It's a strange sensation to get your head jiggled around, know what they're doing to you and not feel anything. He was worried that the tooth had a deeper crack and that it would actually need extraction. But when he used a special stain and a fluoroscopic light to check it out and it was fine. I was very happy about that! Smile

They tell you that you'll have some sensitivity for several days afterward. The roots get inflamed from all that jiggling. I think they downplay the discomfort level, 'cause my tooth is very sore now. I can't chew on it or really bump it with my tongue. Which is a terrible irony because it didn't hurt before. Rolleyes

When I checked in at the front counter the office gal presented me with the written estimate and my expected portion of payment. $766. I told her I didn't think that amount was correct because back in August I was going to get the procedure and was told my portion, as I remembered, close to $250.

The office gal wasn't sure how the first estimate could've been that low because the numbers all jived on this estimate and set insurance benefit remaining etc..etc.. I said well I'm here and I'm going to get this done so if it's $766 then that's that.

As I was sitting in the chair letting the Novocain set in I got to thinking that if this endodontist was a "preferred provider" with my insurance than my benefit maximum is increased by $500. Meaning my portion *is* $266.

And afterward I asked the office gal if that was the case and it was, so major mystery solved. *Phew!* I was really getting concerned about how I was going to cover that unexpected $500. I will be looking at my statement from insurance very carefully when it comes to be sure that they increased the allowance by that $500.

Lots of rain today.
Okay, back to work.

Great.. Okay.. Darn.. Sad..

December 18th, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Great news: DH had his final exam tonight for his EMT class and he passed the class with a B+. He had an A average all semester, but the final test tonight was really tough and brought his average down. Still, plenty good enough IMO! Now he has to schedule and sit for the national board exam to actually become an EMT again.

Okay news: I am getting my root canal tomorrow. Our OOP will be about $200. I'm not nervous, but I will be happy to get it over with.

Darn IT news: I bought DD a full length mirror for her bedroom as a Christmas gift. I had it in the back of my SUV and this morning the puppy (the nearly 80lb puppy) jumped on it. Totally my fault. It is shattered right in the middle. Argh! Bright side was it cost $15 from Target. Down side is (1) I have to go back to Target and (2) spend another $15.

Sad news: One of our horses will need to be euthanized soon. We've known for a few months that she has a slow growing tumor in her left sinus. She was a rescue horse from a not-so-great home (not a horrible abusive place, just a somewhat neglectful, we-don't-want-this-responsibility type home). The last eight or so years we have done our best to give her a comfortable, pampered, lazy life. I feel good about that because it's been 100% better than what she had before.

Checkin' In

December 16th, 2012 at 04:19 pm

Keeping busy with Christmas preparations, work and lazy time.

We got our tree up and decorated last Sunday and it's beautiful. I love having a fresh smelling tree in the house. Big Grin The rest of the decorations are very slowly coming out.

Once DD and DH come home this afternoon all of the gift shopping will be done. They are out picking up gifts for two kids off the giving tree. A 10 year old boy and a 12 year old girl.

A few gifts I am waiting to get from online shopping, but all are set to arrive by Friday.

I sent off five boxes of little goodies to family yesterday afternoon. It took about 30 minutes to weigh, tape and address the group of packages. That made me question *why* I didn't just buy gift baskets and have them shipped as I have done in past years. The answer was this year I could put goodies made here in our town, favorites of ours, and in larger quantities than a premade gift pack. Didn't save time, but I did spend a bit less and did have more gifts.

While at the post office DD found a sheet of stamps. I would have been happy to give them to their rightful owner, but no one came in to ask about them while we were there. I don't use many stamps so 20 might last all year. I already sent out our Christmas cards earlier this week, so can't use them for that - Darn.

Went grocery shopping this morning. Bought a bone in ham for $0.88/lb. Now I need to figure out how I want to cut it up. Some we'll eat right away and another chunk and the bone I want to freeze for later.

Lastly, hug and kiss everyone you love every chance you get.

The Weekend Plan

December 8th, 2012 at 11:42 am

First, DS is doing fine. A bit of a runny nose and a bit of a cough, but full of energy. Smile

Today is a bit of a lazy day and clean up the house day.
I am going to alternate cleaning, reading, computer time and laundry. (So far I've just been on the computer. Embarrassment )
I plan to call the cable company to negotiate a lower rate or reduce our service to save some dollars.

Sunday morning we are getting our tree.
I'll put a roast in the crockpot for dinner.
My mom is coming for an overnight visit. She is bringing her carpet shampooer for me to use on our area rugs.
We'll watch the 49er game in the afternoon.
Decorate the tree in the evening.
Pretty low-key plan.

How about your weekend? Crazy or Lazy?

Sweet Deal!

December 4th, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Last month I got a special offer to buy an online game from a site I've used before and get "dinner and a movie".

I bought a game for $2.99 and got a $25 Dining Dough certificate for dinner and two movie tickets from Fandango! Pretty sweet deal. Smile

DH and I will make a date night out of it and use the dinner card at a rather fancy downtown restaurant we haven't been to in many years. We will end up spending about $25 out of our pocket because dinner at this place will be more than the gift card will cover. Still a great deal and some thing we are looking forward to doing as a couple.

Update and Catch Up

December 3rd, 2012 at 04:26 pm

Update on DS - I stayed home with him today. He had a very restless night, but no fever, and this morning seemed to be feeling much better. At nap time he was restless and sweaty. He is starting to sound a bit raspy, but still no fever. Very relieved about that. Smile

Now, to finish that Saturday post...

Happy December to you all! Smile

Keeping busy the past few weeks. Most of my computer time recently has been shopping for Christmas and reading reviews of girls' bikes.

We had a very nice, relaxing Thanksgiving at the inlaw's. I hope all my SA family enjoyed their holiday time too.

My DH, DD and FIL shopped Black Friday. The best deal my DH came away with?
$0.99 Poinsettias from HomeDepot.

I designed and ordered our Christmas cards from Costco. Just pictures of the kids and the kids with the puppy. I picked them up last Sunday so I could use a $5 off coupon. That meant I spent $11 for 50 personalized cards.

After much searching for the best item and price I ordered the tricycle for DS online. I was willing to buy used and I kept checking CraigsList. There was only a pink one for sale near me and only $10 less than new. It's interesting to watch prices fluctuate near Christmas. I've been shopping this trike for several weeks and have watched prices drop and now climb. Same with the ride-on toy we bought last year. I was lucky to buy at the right time. I feel good about this year too. Some online sites are charging $20 to $35 more than I paid for this trike.

The bike I ended up choosing for DD was out of stock when I tried to order it, so I had to restart my search. I ended up ordering a cute Schwinn from ToysRUs for $140 & free shipping. I was surprised when I saw the same bike was $120 MORE on Amazon!

By using 30% off plus $20 credit I bought DH a $35 handheld "stick" blender for $4.70.
I scored a $13 "Disney Cars" book for DS for $7 and four "Gallagher Girls" books for DD for less than $20.

The kids and DH are set except for a few small candy items for the stockings. I have a few gift cards to purchase for my sister, DS's daycare lady and our niece and nephew. I heard something about Safeway doing a "buy $100 in GC and get a $10 grocery coupon". Need to look into that.

Ambulance Trip to the ER

December 1st, 2012 at 02:44 pm

I was midway through a catch up post this morning when we had an emergency.

First, let me say everything is fine now. *Phew*!!!

DS had a seizure. Turned blue. Stopped breathing for a few seconds.

I was home alone. I called 911 and the fire rescue/ambulance came. IV and O2 started. He had a second seizure in the ambulance. It was so scary. He was pretty out of it. So very scary for a parent.

At the hospital he was a little better. Then kept getting better.

Diagnosis: febrile seizure
Seizure that happens when a fever spikes. Especially in children DS's age.

He woke up with a fever, but it wasn't super high (99F). At the hospital it was 103F.

I know about febrile seizures because DD had one when she was about two. His seizure seemed much worse than hers. She didn't stop breathing or turn blue.

I was worried it would be something worse than a febrile seizure: I was worried about meningitis.

Fibrile seizure you just treat the fever. Dosing Tylenol and ibuprofen alternately every four hours and six hours.

DS is home, fully dosed with the above, and sleeping.

This is the time when you are reminded to thank the Lord for the good health you and your family take for granted everyday.