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Sunday = Updates, Football and Crockpot Dinner

November 28th, 2010 at 01:49 pm

Thanks for all the great dinner ideas on my last post everyone! I will be trying the ones we don't make already. I will also post any good ones I find.

The salmon was very easy and tasty and I will make it again. I did overcook it a bit, but the flavor was excellent. Thanks Monkey Mama!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am echoing the rest of you in saying how thankful I am to have family and a home and work and health. Very thankful indeed. Saw my mom, dad, MIL, FIL, Grandma and Grandpa and our horses. Would have loved a chance to see some cousins and my BFF, but conflicting schedules this visit.

Friday DD was able to play in the snow at my grandparent's house.

Our horses.

My DH is driving me nuts! He wants a new (used) motorcycle. His dad is selling the one my DH really likes for $5k. This is the only thing he has on his Christmas list and tells everyone about how this is the only thing he wants this year. Ugh! A few years back he wanted an off-road ATV (four-wheeler) for Christmas. So I bought him one - A toy one! Big Grin It even had a little rider figure with it and I covered the name on the package with DH's name. So it said "B...., The ATV Champion" I hope I can do the same for the motorcycle this year.


Watching football and relaxing today before the week starts up again. Ran to the grocery store for a few things this morning. Great deal on baby formula. Reduced price and $3 off coupons. Yay! I will have to venture out again to take care of a kitty. But right now DH is working a short side job, DS is napping and DD is outside playing. A few minutes of Me Time. Smile


Crockpot dinner tonight is BBQ Beef Sandwiches. It smells SO GOOD in my house right now! You could use chicken or pork with this. And it is good in summer or winter.
2-3lb Chuck Roast
1cup BBQ Sauce
1/2cup Apricot jam
1/2 Bell Pepper chopped
1/2-1 med. onion thinly sliced
3/4cup salsa
2tsp. Brown Sugar
1Tblsp. Dijon mustard
I like to put the roast in the crockpot and "stab" it with a fork a little and season with a little salt and pepper. Then I put all the sauce fixings in a small sauce pot on the stove. Heat and mix for about 2 minutes and pour over roast. Cook on HIGH for 4 hours or LOW for 8-9 hours. I like to serve on sourdough sandwich rolls with cheddar cheese. In summer I pair with potato salad and tonight it will be baked potatoes or fresh, hot fries.

No Work Today & I Need Dinner Help

November 23rd, 2010 at 11:41 am

My boss is out today, so I get the day off. Spending the day home with the kids. That saves money on childcare. (Yikes that's been a big bill recently) Will try to get some household chores done..I am not feeling very motivated Wink And I am making salmon for dinner tonight. Trying Monkey Mama's crockpot recipe.

This brings me to a bit of a problem I have had for awhile and would love some help with. I keep wanting to post and then forget. Really need new ideas for dinner. What is your family's favorite? And favorites that can be made ahead or frozen. Healthy is a plus, but a distant third to tasty or quick. Big Grin I bet we'll all find these recipes helpful.


Traveling to family for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be leaving Thursday morning and eating dinner at my mom and dad's house. My inlaws will join us there and later we will travel to their house to stay Thursday and Friday night. My DH and his dad like to shop Black Friday. I can't stand all the crowds and crazyness, so I never go out. Smile I think I will take the kids to visit my grandparents on Friday. My grandma's back has been hurting her so she doesn't want to make the three hour drive to my mom's house. I really want to see my grandparents and give them a chance to see baby DS and DD. We will save money by not having to buy food, but spend money on extra gas. It is very important to me to see my family as often as I can and especially around the holidays.


I will be doing some kitty care next week and will make $200. Christmas money. My most recent kitty care money has gone to pay on the CC. A little to this and a little to that. Trying to balance.


And the computer woes continue. I realized I had
pictures of myself while I was pregnant with DS on the computer that I don't think we backed up anywhere else. Frown AND, I don't have any programs! No Word, Works, Excel etc. And we can't find any disks for these. These programs were on the computer when we bought it, so shouldn't we have some way of getting them back without having to buy them?

My Computer is Alive Again

November 18th, 2010 at 04:11 pm

Did you all miss me? I've missed you. Smile

Two weeks ago DD had a report due at school and she was using the laptop to type it out. Well, she dropped it on the floor and it died. Frown Long story short I took it in to Staples and had it repaired for $263. It needed a new hard drive and a new disk reader. Luck for us all the tech services are 1/2 off this month. I just picked the computer up last night and it works as good as new!

DD had almost finished typing her report out. We are talking like two more sentences left to go. So it was a quick rush to set up the desktop and get the report re-typed. Then our printer wouldn't print. It was the "Report from He77". Big Grin Nah..I was able to load it on a flash drive and have it printed at Kinko's near our house.

Nothing could be recovered from the hard drive, so I lost budgets and financial goals, a few games, but really nothing else. Trying to get some bills payed online now and catch up on the checking account. We have the Internet at work, but I am not in front of the computer long enough to do much of anything. I was able to check my mail about every other day and look up a few web sites, otherwise no time to do anything else.

Speaking of work, my boss laid off one of the other gals because we're heading into the slower period of the year. Of course, it was only slow for about two days!! I miss her, she was really my assistant. The other news is the boss' wife has stepped in to do the business financials and get the bills caught up. AND I got a $1/hour raise with another planned in the spring!! Well overdue for that, so I am happy.

What else???

Oh yeah.. got rid of all the lice! Yay!
Only to have DD get them back again. Boo!
But, I am thinking we've got them beat again. Five days now with no sign of the buggers. Wink

Trying to gear up for the holidays. It is so hard because the weather has been unnaturally warm. Like 70F+ most days. And Christmas is when?!?