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Trick or Treat

October 31st, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Happy Halloween everyone!

May you all have more Treats than Tricks!

Big Grin

And..of course.. GO GIANTS!!!

Saving on Diapers and other Baby Stuff

October 28th, 2010 at 02:33 pm

I know I've plugged for diapers.com before, but I love 'em!
Last time I ordered diapers I enrolled in their program were I get 30% of the price of the diapers back as a credit on my account with them. Yesterday when I checked my email I had two coupon codes from them. One was for 25% off Halloween costumes (code: Halloween25) and the other was 15% off any one item (code: Treat15). I browsed thru their costumes and found a little fireman bunting. Too cute and discounted. DS needed some more cool weather clothes so I found a four piece everyday set with a hat, a long sleeve onesie, footed pants and a sleeper suit to use the 15% off code. Free shipping, no tax, -$6.50/coupons, -$11.10/account credit made the cost $14. Big Grin

Now I can't wait to order more diapers to get more credit. lol!

The other cool thing I just recieved the package about 20 minutes ago. The stuff is CUTE!

Bad News & Good News

October 26th, 2010 at 11:18 am

Not trying to gross you all out....
Bad News - DD found a lice in her hair last week. **CRAP** You SA parents know what I mean. Just a wonderful part of childhood and parenting, Right? Rolleyes
So it has been a flurry of washing and vacuuming and spraying and combing..Arg. Luckily I haven't found any on me or DH or DS. And DD only had a few. Good thing it seems we caught on to the little buggers early. Everyone I know has gone thru this in their life at least once. I remember having them when I was about 10. Horrible because I've had long hair my whole life. Past my waist when I was that age. She's never had them before; we've been able to dodge the bullet all the other times it made the rounds at school.
The thing is it is expensive to treat. I was unpleasantly surprised when I spent $57 at CVS on shampoo, creme rinse and a metal toothed comb. Then there is all the time and water/energy to wash and dry everything. I was saying to my mom,
"How could low income families afford to do this?" My mom countered with,
"Think how hard/more expensive it would be if you didn't own a nice washer and dryer and you'd have to take everything to the Laundromat?"
WOW, I hadn't even thought about that. I realized I totally take my situation for granted. We are very lucky. Even though we're not "rolling in dough" all of our needs are more then met.
So after a short battle this weekend so far DD's head is all clear. Big Grin


Good News - (Actually VERY good Smile )
Received a check from our previous mortgage holder for $2475! It seems our mortgage broker got the payoff amount just before our October payment posted. So the money is our refunded October payment and the balance from our escrow account.
I am not sure where all this unexpected money will be going. I will put it all in the EF for now. I will absolutely be keeping at least 1k there for the EF goal. I will now check that off in the sidebar.


Little DS is now five and a half months. Here is a recent picture.

And ... GO GIANTS!!! Big Grin

New Mortgage Payment

October 19th, 2010 at 10:21 am

Our new mortgage is $289.13/mo less now with the refi(saving $126/mo on P/I) and the lower property taxes. WhooHoo!


This past weekend my family (DD and DH) decided we needed some new Halloween decor for the yard. They picked out three foam tombstones, a strobe light and I picked out a string of purple lights. We also bought some cool window clings that look like bloody hand prints and splotches.

And we bought a costume for DD. Spent $70 on everything. DD bought a wig for her costume with her own money for $9. I tried to talk her out of it, but it's hard when it is HER money she has the choice. I told her we won't be carrying it around on Halloween night if she gets too hot wearing it. She still bought it. Oh well..


Crazy fall weather here. Last week we were using our AC and Sunday we had the heat on. I am kind of feeling ready for the cooler fall weather. Snuggling inside on the weekends with coffee and football. Smile 'Course right now I'm watching a lot of baseball - GO GIANTS! I told DH this morning that I might need to call off work today and just stay home to watch game 3 playoffs. And do laundry!! (Always have laundry to do. Wink ) I'll be going to work soon. My boss will have the game on the radio in his office so I'm sure I'll catch the important parts.


Would love to catch up on all your blogs now, but I have got to get caught up on the checkbook register. My budget is current, but the checkbook is behind!! I can't remember the last time I was so lax. Will take care of that right now while little DS is taking his little AM nap. Such a good baby!

Some Pictures

October 12th, 2010 at 09:44 am

A few pictures from my recent trip.

These are the glass earrings I bought as my souvenir.

This is the gold medal winning dressage horse Moorlands Totilas.

This is Buffalo Trace, one of two of the bourbon distilleries we visited. Notice all the barrels of bourbon in the windows.

The horse farm we visited. This is the farm's "pond" and one of the barns.

Now I'm off to help at DD's school and then off to work. Smile

Still Here

October 7th, 2010 at 05:14 pm

It seems that I keep starting all my posts with.."I'm so busy..." But I have no other excuse. I am busy. Smile

My trip to Kentucky was awesome! The countryside was beautiful and the company was super. I had not spent that much time with my aunt in years. It was also fun to share a room with my sister again. Girl talk and all that. Our flights to and from were uneventful. We attended a few of the events at the World Equestrian Games (WEG), stopped to look at some stallions at a horse farm and toured two bourbon distilleries. I will post some pictures when I've got my camera handy.

I did pretty well spending wise. $45 spent in cash and about $220 on the credit card to be paid next week. The $220 included treating for dinner for the four of us twice and gift/souvenir items. I bought myself a pair of blown glass earrings in the shape of a horse head. (I'll take a pic of them too for you all to see)

Everyone did well at home without me. My MIL came to stay and help DH. She bought food and some home improvement stuff for us. My DH surprised me by completing a few of his TO DO projects around the house. Cleaned the garage and finished some crown molding and baseboards, and tore into a wall in our bathroom!! He did pretty well not spending much money. About $32 while I was gone.

Refi is all done. 4.75% 30 year fixed.
The only hitch was I had to come up with the mortgage payment about two weeks earlier than I would have normally. Made for a tight squeeze right before I left and until the first. Did move money over from the EF. Darn, 'cause I was almost to the 1k mark! The good news is that now I'm back ahead of the game and that means having the money to pay bills earlier. Makes it all run more smoothly.

Back to work full time now. Keeping very busy there. Big Grin

Baby DS is great. Five months now. Wow!
DD is also doing great. Although she chipped a front tooth a few days back. Not very bad at all, but still.....

Time to start dinner. Thursdays are about the only weekday I have time to make a nice dinner because I get off work early. Big Grin

And I've got to cheer on the Giants. Playoff game tonight vs. the Braves.