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Sad News

May 31st, 2012 at 02:59 pm

Sadly, my grandma passed away on Tuesday. This is my paternal grandma and we spent a lot of time together so I have so many wonderful memories. She was 86. Her health had always been quite good up until the past few months. Thankfully, she never suffered dementia or had to live her last days in a care home.

I am also so sad for my grandpa. The house is going to be so lonely for him. Frown

We live about seven hours away. Next week I will take a few days off from work so I can attend the memorial service.

CC Payoff & Other Goals

May 27th, 2012 at 11:06 am

Made the CC payments this week.
$18,385 - Previous Balance
$17,940 - Current Balance

Slowly creeping downward....

My weight loss was going great before we went on vacation. Now it has come to a screeching halt. Frown So at the half-way point of the year I've only lost 6lbs. Right before we left I was down 11lbs.

New car savings. Nothing new. This was overly optimistic with the other stuff, but aim high right?

Roof. Hoping DH will swing a few side jobs this summer to round out the roof replacement savings. This is pretty likely - summertime and people want AC.

Life insurance. Have gathered several quotes. Just want to lose the weight to get better prices.

Braces. Lasik. Trust. No action - Yet.

Gearin' Up for Summer

May 26th, 2012 at 09:22 am

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Big Grin

School is officially over. This past week we bought little "Thank You" goodies for DD's teacher, music teacher, office staff and her daycare. She had a class party on Friday and brought croissants. I wrote final payment checks to the lunch lady and daycare.

Now I am working on registrations for summertime camps for DD. The past several years she has gone to a weeklong horseback riding day camp. We work it out with one or two school friends to all go on the same week. That way we share the driving. This year I will drive the girls every morning. This is good for me because itís only a little out of the way on my way to DSís daycare and my work. Then the other mom will do all the afternoon pick-ups. Again, perfect for me because I don't get off work until after camp is over. It's really a problem for working families because most day camps don't last the whole work day. Some will offer "after hours" daycare for an extra charge, but sometimes that is only until 5pm.

Anyhow, going to register for a week of horse camp and a week of 4-H camp. 4-H camp is a sleep-away camp; a first for DD.

This weekend we need to shop for a new lawn mower. Our old mower was given to us about four years ago and now it's done for. Hopefully we'll be able to snag a MD Weekend sale.

Other than that we don't have any other plans to go anywhere.


May 22nd, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Busy here. Not finding much time to be online for anything more than checking email and paying bills.

Last Thursday we finally had to say goodbye to our Shetland Sheepdog Sasha. Her health really deteriorated pretty quickly starting last Sunday. She had lymphoma. All of us were very sad to have to say goodbye.

Here she is at DD's last sleepover with a pair of glasses on. She was very popular with all the kids because she was smaller and calm.

I celebrated my birthday by having dinner on the Napa Valley Wine Train. DH and I went to the "Murder Mystery" dinner. A very fun and entertaining experience. The food was quite good. The train and scenery were both fabulous. I had asked for gift certificates for the train for Christmas. We did have to buy an additional gift certificate from Costco to cover the cost for both of us to go. It was a $100 gc for $80. While on the train we also spent on a glass of wine, a glass of champagne, a beer and a special coffee at dessert. We also left a tip for our server making our total out of pocket cost $150. (The total price was $370.)

My parents watched the kids for us. And the next day they stayed and helped fill our garden boxes with dirt and have BBQ dinner with us. The weather was gorgeous.

Sunday I went kayaking on the Russian River with two girlfriends. Afterwards we went to an early dinner. I had a cat sitting client over the weekend and made $50 which paid for most of my outing. $37 for kayak rental, $5 snack/lunch, $20 for dinner.

This is the last week of school for DD. Wow!
Welcome Summer! Smile

Ting Cell Plans

May 15th, 2012 at 02:08 pm

Several weeks back MonkeyMama posted about a new cell phone plan where you could pick your features.

I happened to mention this company to one of my girlfriends a few weeks back. I walked with her this morning and she mentioned that she and her DH had switched cell service to Ting. They bought new phones and with Ting you buy the phone outright, so that was a bit of an up front expense. But, she said their cell phone bill is now $25/mo. Right now they have the smallest amount of minutes and texts. She might move up to the next level for texts, but even if they do they are saving a ton over their old AT&T service. She was really happy I had told her about it... So I'm passing her "Thanks" along to MM.

I told my friend I was glad she was trying it out. (She can be our guinea pig Wink )

Productive, Yet Relaxing, Mother's Day

May 14th, 2012 at 03:14 pm

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day yesterday.. Smile

It was a beautiful Sunday here. The sun was out with a light breeze and 72F was the warmest temp.

My family let me sleep in a bit and made me breakfast when I got up. After eating I watched "Water for Elephants" on HBO. I had been wanting to see it for some time and I was happy to get to watch it while we are getting free HBO. Smile I enjoyed the movie. It seems like the book would be a really good read.

In the afternoon we all worked in the backyard for a little while. Making over the garden area. This year we are adding more space and making it look prettier. I wanted to downsize the raised bed we had, and then add a few more of the smaller size beds. I also plan to spread the gravel we have raked up from this area around the raised beds and add stepping stones. If it turns out like I am picturing it's going to look very nice and last us a long time.

After working DH, DD and I all showered and DS had a much needed bath. Big Grin Then we watched the baseball game I had recorded while we were in the yard. The Giants WON! Yay!

We had a simple dinner. I finished Mother's Day off with a bowl of frozen yogurt while I watched "Game of Thrones".

A Week's Worth of Updates

May 12th, 2012 at 10:50 am

The past ten days have been busy 'round here.

DD had a school band concert last Thursday. They sounded really good all together. Can't believe school ends this month!

Last weekend was DS's second birthday.
Wow! He is getting to be such a big boy. Smile
This was the most frugal (cheap) birthday celebration to date at our house. We didn't have a party or invite anyone over to the house. DD baked and decorated cupcakes, we went to the park and DH made BBQ kabobs for dinner. As for gifts we didn't buy him anything. He did get gifts to unwrap from my mom & dad, my co-worker and my boss. My MIL & FIL sent a very cute card with $40. Next year I know we'll do something bigger - a party with family and friends.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were very busy at work. Our receptionist was out on vacation, so that added some extra work. I like it that way, lots to do and making money.

Thursday I took DD to her first 4H meeting. We're going to check out a few clubs in our town and figure out which clubs offer what and how organized they are and such. DD is interested in going to 4H camp this summer. She is also interested in several projects, including puppy raising for Guide Dogs.

Nothing much of note financially speaking. I did make $60 this week by watching a friend's dog. I am keeping $20 to put in my wallet and sending the $40 to CC payment.

Need to go grocery shopping this weekend. I was going to get in done this morning first thing, but was totally unmotivated. I will go later today because I don't want to do it tomorrow (Mother's Day) and I MUST use the $10 off coupon by this weekend. I also have a reward coupon to redeem for a $5 Starbucks gift card. Smile

Added $25 to the EF by auto transfer. Unfortunately, the Giants have not won many games lately so not much to add there.

Missed My Own......

May 2nd, 2012 at 03:12 pm

Blogoversary! Doh!

Two years on April 29th. Boy, the time seems to fly.

Two years ago I stopped being a "lurker" and started blogging because I was at home on maternity leave. Now in just a few days little DS will be two-years-old.

Just want to say - Thanks Everyone.
I really enjoy coming here. Reading about everyone's daily life. All the support. All the great ideas.
Big Grin

April's Daily Expense Wrap-Up

May 1st, 2012 at 07:37 am

Monday, April 30
$180 Childcare for DD. Contract hours for May, plus extra hours from April.
$300 Horse board.
$ 3 McDonalds. Lunch for me.
Dinner: BBQ hamburgers, potato salad, artichokes, strawberry shortcake.

Sunday, April 29
$104 Safeway. Groceries.
Dinner: Pizza, strawberry shortcake.

Saturday, April 28
$15 DH lunch out.
Dinner: soup, sandwiches, steamed veggies, frozen yogurt.

Friday, April 27
$ 9 In 'n Out Burger. Dinner for me and DS.
$30 Parking in SF.
$19 Dinner for DD and DH at the ballgame.
DD played her trumpet with the Junior Philharmonic at the SF Giants game. She and DH stayed for the game.
Dinner: out.

Thursday, April 26
$ 0
Dinner: leftover lasagna, ice cream.