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Have a Nice Weekend

January 28th, 2011 at 04:46 pm

Still no laptop. Rrrr! I am very annoyed because Staples didn't send it out for almost a week! They said they were having trouble processing the "re-work" request because their system kept wanting to charge us. Now I ask you, don't you think they have to do re-works for other clients? I mean, we aren't the only ones, right? I am more inclined to think they forgot about sending it out. I am not in much position to complain because it is a free repair. Rolleyes Maybe I'll get it back Tuesday..

In other news, baby DS has a little cold and is teething. The past few nights have been dotted with crying and not as much sleep as I'd like. Poor baby. Frown We'll get through it.

I also discovered my sweet daycare lady isn't getting our bottles as clean as I would like. We had to talk. Which went fine. I will take the bottles home every couple days to do a through scrub. No one takes care of babies like mom does hu?!

I actually made $50 last weekend. Deposited to the EF. And I split the $200. Half to cc and half to the EF.

Will need to update the sidebar when I've got more than two minutes here! Busy at work. I'll have a lot of blog reading to do when I finally get my computer back.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Big Grin

$200 and $40

January 21st, 2011 at 03:54 pm

Laptop not back yet. Still blogging from work. I must be quick. Smile

Received a $200 gift from a client today. WooHoo! Same client that gave us some cash a few months back. She is very generous. Big Grin Savings or cc payment??? Don't know yet. I will also be making $40 this weekend looking in on a kitty Saturday and Sunday. I think Savings for that.

Have a great weekend everyone. I probably won't 'see' you all until Monday. *sigh*

Laptop Out Again

January 19th, 2011 at 02:26 pm

Our laptop is back out for repair to the disk drive again. Thankfully we noticed the problem, a likely short, before the 90 day period was up. DH took it in to Staples and they have "sent it out". No charges to us, but no laptop at home. Frown
Trying to catch up on my emails, bills, checking accounts and your posts all while I am at work. Whew!! Not much time here to do that except for lunch time really.

Been meaning to post about my diaper buying/saving.
The past few months I was getting 30% back on my diaper purchases online and I ended up with $58 worth of credit! Enough for a huge box of diapers, actually almost two, and wipes and a toy. Smile And I used a 15% off code for the toy. So I still have a bit of credit left over for next time. Big Grin

Back to work!

Bill Paying and Reward

January 15th, 2011 at 04:17 pm

Lazy Saturday here. Baby is down for his afternoon nap, DD is outside playing and DH is running errands on his 'new' motorcycle that came today. Rolleyes Inlaws brought down early this AM. They have just left to head home. The weather is beautiful, blue skies, sun and 65F.

I should go out, but I am comfy in the recliner switching between football playoffs and the movie Pirates of the Caribbean all while online. Enjoying being alone right now. Smile

Paid some bills. PG&E $210. Cell phone $200 (two bills - I didn't pay last month) Cable/Internet/Home Phone bundle $165, I didn't technically pay because it's on auto bill, but I did transfer the money from checking to the Visa to "pay" for it. Water $74, again on auto bill. Our water rates went up on January 1st. Small increases ($0.20 - $0.60) to the base rate for water and sewer and small increases ($0.15) to the per hcf for both water and sewer(hcf= hundred cubic feet; 1 hcf= 748 gallons). We used 6 hcf in December for $69 and in January 6 hcf for $74. So their small increases will add up. The city is paying for a new sewer treatment plant.

Today I had enough points on my visa to redeem for $100 account credit. So I did that right off. Yay!

Watched the movie Julie and Julia last night. It was very cute! DH liked it. He's a romantic so he liked how both the hubbys loved their wives. Smile

Now I am wanting to try a few of those recipes.

Burritos for dinner tonight. And I'm thinking about French food. haha. Back to relaxing, only two hours until dinner and Suze Orman.


January 13th, 2011 at 10:20 pm

I have increased both DH's and my ROTH monthly auto withdrawal to $75 each. (It feels embarrassing to type that scrawny amount..)
But really I do feel good that we are making small steps in the right direction. DH and I discussed making small increases thru out the year in order to eventually max out. No way we could afford to max contribute right now. With small increases we hope to not notice the "missing money".

Our ROTH accounts are with T. Rowe Price. I really like being able to make small and regular contributions. Their website is user friendly and their funds are very good. DH has a target retirement fund (2035) and I have Growth. DH was finally able to remember his log on info (yay!) and now I know what it is so I can check in more regularly. He was excited to see his account had been earning money and he has picked out another fund he wants to start buying when we can. It was cool to see him get excited about the ROTH accounts and funds. He was reading the information and the Morningstar ratings. This is a man who barely reads instructions!!! lol! Who am I kidding?? NEVER reads instructions - that's my 'job'. Wink Looking at his account is good for him too because he needs to think 'Future', he is very much 'Here and Now' (uh.. motorcycle..). I still love him though **sigh** Big Grin

Both ROTHs made very nice gains this past year - almost 13%. I think that's excellent, but I am not an expert investor, so what do I know???

DH - What????

January 9th, 2011 at 06:53 pm

My DH has been talking to his dad a few times today..and..well..DH is going to buy one of FIL motorcycles. ARG!! I can't beleive him!! It's totally against my wishes and he knows it. Angry He'll be using side work money to pay for it. Angry I want that $$$$ to go to debt, retirement and savings!!!! It's a bike I've been on before and I really like it, so he says I'll be glad he did this. I told him I am NOT happy and yes I liked riding on it when his dad owned it!! And I won't ride on it until all cc debt is paid off. So There! Rrrrrrr!!

Taxes, Shopping, "paid" Sears.

January 9th, 2011 at 10:03 am

I paid the Sears card off. Don't get too excited for me though because I tacked it on to another card.
Frown I had to pay Sears before the 20th to avoid the intrest from the past year being applied. It was 0% for the year if paid in full by January 20th. I had fully intended to do this and was on track to until I was was out on maternity leave. Doh!


Did major grocery and Costco shopping this past week. Used some nice coupons at Costco. $4 off boneless porkchops, $2.50 off laundry soap, $3.50 off dishwasher tabs. They have Quicken there for $65 and I have a coupon for $20 off. (I am very tempted to pick it up. Sounds like a good deal, but I haven't checked around at all.) We also buy our razors there (DH and I use the same kind) it's a 52 ct. for $23. I also bought 12 fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $20, 6lbs of hamburger, papertowels, a six-pack of Lean Cuisine $7.59 (great for lunch) and several other items. Total $210.


I have my W-2 already, now waiting for DH's. I also need to get the year statement from DD's school's childcare and the mortgage companies. I guess there isn't any hurry with all the news I hear of the IRS delay. But I am going to start plugging in numbers today to my online tax program. I have used FreeTaxUSA the past several (5) years. $20 for state and federal. With our new tax deduction (DS Wink) and my decreased income I am curious to see how things will calculate.
Here's to getting some money back! Big Grin

My Crazy Dream

January 4th, 2011 at 09:43 am

I had posted about getting a $1/hr raise with another promised this spring. Well on my last two paychecks I had the full $2/hr increase. ?? Not sure if the boss gave the okay or if the bookkeeper just tacked it on, but hey I'm not saying anything! Happy to have it and certainly well overdue in my opinion. Big Grin

So my crazy dream last night was about that raise. My payday in on the 5th (this Wednesday) and in my dream I opened my pay envelope and my raise was removed! All over the check and the pay stub it was stamped "RAISE REVOKED due to RECESSION". Yikes! I'll be holding my breath until Wednesday. Wink LOL!

But seriously, my boss is in pretty bad shape. He has started the bankruptcy process. He told me in confidence because he doesn't want people to know. I don't think blogging to my SA friends counts as "telling", do you? I think it's going to be a rough start to the new year for him and I hope it helps in the end to get the business back on track.

Chili for a Chilly Sunday

January 2nd, 2011 at 02:05 pm

Went to Safeway at 8:45am this morning. Not many people there. Shopping with little DS and a morning coffee - paid for with a Christmas gift card - nice and relaxing. Stocked up on lots of fresh veggies and fruits for the next ten days or so. Stuff for dinners for the next week plus. The staples - milk, bread, eggs (our hens aren't laying right now Frown )butter, yogurt etc. Baby formula, Good Start, has been on sale at Safeway plus $3 off/can coupons making them a very good deal. Some good sales like: Progresso soup $0.99/can and Yoplait $0.50/cup. Many of the veggies and fruit were $0.79/lb. I also got all my chili makings. Splurged on a box of wood for a nice fire this evening. Total: $283 (it took two carts to haul it out to my Pathfinder.)

My Chili. One of DH's favs. I wish you all could smell it right now..

Basic Recipe:
1 bay leaf
2 Tbls Chili Powder
1 lb dry beans soaked overnight or 2 lbs canned beans
1 lb ground beef browned and drained
1 lb peeled/diced tomatoes canned or fresh
1/2 onion
bell pepper
diced garlic
1 can Ortega diced chilis or other diced hot peppers
salt to taste
Cook on low all day, stir whenever

I make about 3x amounts and make it in my huge crockpot (5.5 quarts). I use canned beans because I am not prepared enough to soak dry beans. I like to use dark kidney (4-5 cans), pinto (1) and black (1) to make a pretty assortment of bean colors. I use (1) yellow bell pepper and (1) purple onion - again for color contrast. (Of course when it all cooks up the colors all turn the same Rolleyes ) You can't mess it up. If you like it more meaty - add more meat or use chicken or cubes of steak, or no meat and make it all veggie. Spice it up with hot peppers if that's your thing. A can of mild chilis (7oz) plus the chili powder (to taste) is enough heat for our family. I top my bowl with lots of grated Cheddar cheese. Great leftovers. In fact I think it's better after it sits in the fridge for a day or two. This chili freezes very well. So we'll get about 3-4 meals from the amount pictured, and it cost under $20.

Tonight we'll build a fire in the fireplace and make cornbread to go with this chili - yum, yum, yum!

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2011 at 09:50 am

We stayed in last night, had a nice dinner, watched a movie, I had a few glasses of bubbly and set off a few firecrakers at midnight. 2010 was a good year here. Smile

Right now I am having a cup of coffee and watching the Rose Bowl Parade. Those floats are always so amazing! Beautiful! Planning to have a quiet weekend at home. Play with the baby, clean up Christmas decor, watch football, make chili and ???

Have a few 2011 goals rolling around in my head, but nothing specific yet. Losing baby weight, saving more, paying off more debt. That's about it so far.

Happy 2011 to everyone! Big Grin
May each of you reach your goals this year.