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Have a Nice Weekend

January 29th, 2011 at 12:46 am

Still no laptop. Rrrr! I am very annoyed because Staples didn't send it out for almost a week! They said they were having trouble processing the "re-work" request because their system kept wanting to charge us. Now I ask you, don't you think they have to do re-works for other clients? I mean, we aren't the only ones, right? I am more inclined to think they forgot about sending it out. I am not in much position to complain because it is a free repair. Rolleyes Maybe I'll get it back Tuesday..

In other news, baby DS has a little cold and is teething. The past few nights have been dotted with crying and not as much sleep as I'd like. Poor baby. Frown We'll get through it.

I also discovered my sweet daycare lady isn't getting our bottles as clean as I would like. We had to talk. Which went fine. I will take the bottles home every couple days to do a through scrub. No one takes care of babies like mom does hu?!

I actually made $50 last weekend. Deposited to the EF. And I split the $200. Half to cc and half to the EF.

Will need to update the sidebar when I've got more than two minutes here! Busy at work. I'll have a lot of blog reading to do when I finally get my computer back.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Big Grin

2 Responses to “Have a Nice Weekend”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That stinks about your laptop, and I bet they just didn't send it out for some reason. You never know what will lead people to avoid doing their work. We are in the same boat with a sick little one, but ours (7 months old) is teething and has the chickenpox! It's pretty awful, she even has them on her tongue -- it's so sad, and nobody is getting much sleep this week at our house, either. I hope that your baby and ours are feeling better soon! I would do almost anything for some insurance of a good night's sleep at this point.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    I hope your sweet baby is feeling better!!! Poor thing, she needs a good night sleep(and you and your wife too!!)

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