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Little Things & Budget

July 2nd, 2010 at 02:45 pm

Getting a couple To Do things crossed off my list today. Ah.. it feels so good. Smile

Grocery shopping this morning, about 8am. It was good because the crowds hadn't showed up yet to shop for the weekend. Bought a coffee and cruised the store with DS. Total $149. They had buy two 12 packs of soda get four Free! That much soda will probably last us until the end of the year.

Paid a medical bill. $130.

Mailed a box of gifts and such to BFF. $8.

Called my car insurance agent to discuss some changes to my policy. Left a message. Dropping collision, keeping comprehensive, probably. I'll put the savings into a "new car fund".

Vehicle registration on Pathfinder. Paid online. So easy! $124 for one year.

Still need to pick up chicken feed and pine shavings, deposit DH's paychecks and....Oh I forget!

Basic look at our July (& most other months) budget.

Mortgage $2064
& ROTHs $200
CC#3 $400
Sears $275
Childcare $0 -for now
Horses/Pets $300
Auto Insur. $115
Utilities $250
Food $600
Gas $125 + reg. $124
Gym $150
misc/cash $400
All I can think of off the top of my head. I've got a more detailed budget on a works spreadsheet.


If I don't post again before the weekend -
Have a Wonderful 4th Everyone!
We're going to have a relaxing weekend hanging around home. No plans to go anywhere; can see our city fireworks from our house.
Big Grin

2 Responses to “Little Things & Budget”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    And, I'm unhappy about 128 for 2 years of car registration. They make you pay in 2 year increments here. Have a relaxing 4th!

  2. homebody Says:

    Hey at least's its 2 years Elizabeth. In California we pay that for 1 year!

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