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DH and our Budget

July 14th, 2010 at 09:33 am

Most months I have a budget on a spreadsheet/budget template on the computer. I update as we spend and pay bills. (So like every other day! Wink) But up until last night DH had never looked at it. I'd just tell him, "We've xx amount set aside for this." Or, "It'll have to be a cheap dinner out. We have already spent our eating out amount." Etc.Etc.. This past weekend I typed my financial goals (like what I have in the sidebar) on a Word document and stored it on the desktop. I showed DH the "GOAL$" document and where to find the budget folder. I want him to look for himself.
Last night he was looking it over and was commenting on how he didn't realize this, and, wow - we spend that much on that?
Eye opening for him to SEE what I see daily. He doesn't have to take my word for it anymore. Always has, but I've seen the skeptical gleam in his eye when I say we don't have money for "it". In his parent's marriage there is a lot of money hiding. Like a cc and loan his mom has that his dad knows nothing about. I think that creates a lot of distrust. So this is good for me and I know he appreciates the full disclosure.

2 Responses to “DH and our Budget”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Good for him for finally getting involved!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    That's great! My DH still doesn't want anything to do with the finances. He understands a little bit though. Every once in a while he'll ask how much we owe on my car or on student loans. He currently has no idea how much is in savings. One account in ING is joint and he sees there's almost 2000.00 in there. He has no idea that's just a percentage of what's in all the accounts. I also don't think he fully understands how far below our means we are living. Not sure *I* fully understand that some days! It does appear to be the case. Smile

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