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Federal Return. Gym Time.

March 17th, 2011 at 04:51 pm

We got our federal return on Monday. Big Grin
2k to mom, 1k to EF, $500 to MIL, $200 to checking account.

I am updating the sidebar and I am making a 5k goal for our EF by the end of the year.


I have been meeting my workout goals for the month so far. Big Grin

I went last night to a Zumba class. It is free at our gym so I thought "Why not, I should try it out." But by the time I got home from work (6:10pm) I was ready to just stay home. DH kinda pushed me out the door to go try it. I'm glad he did. It was fun and an hour went by in a flash. And boy it kinda kicked my butt, hehe. I used to dance in high school, but last night I was feeling old and slow. Wink Not picking up the steps as fast as I'd like. The instructor is an older lady, which I thought set a great example, and she kept the class very upbeat and relaxed. It was a good mix of ages and body types too. I told DH I am going to try to make it a regular thing.

Gym four times a week???? If I don't lose weight from that...

DH and I are going tonight in about 40 minutes. I'll do about 30 minutes of something and then I've got to take DD to a class skating fundraiser thingy.

Never a dull moment here.

2 Responses to “Federal Return. Gym Time.”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I'm interested in Zumba, but I'm not very good at picking up steps -- I can dance, but only to my own beat, it seems. Smile
    I thought at first you were saying the Zumba class was really free, but now I get it -- you're paying for gym membership, right?

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    I hear you on dancing to your own beat. Big Grin

    Yes, this and other classes are included in our gym membership. They also have a few "fee based" classes, but I steer clear of those. I feel like we pay enough already!

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