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Quicken Update

March 10th, 2012 at 02:56 pm

I *heart* Quicken. Big Grin

I have used it for a little over a month now. I bought it from Costco when they had a coupon for it.

I love it. SO great for putting everything together in one place and makes tracking SO easy.
I feel like, "Why didn't I do this sooner?!"

Click. And the accounts update via the net. Smile

Click. And a lovely pie chart. Smile

Click. And get a nifty bar graph budget. Smile

It was very easy to set up. I spent about 90 minutes on it the first day getting the accounts set up and playing around with the features.

Really makes financial tracking super easy and quick. SO worth $20.

3 Responses to “Quicken Update”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    That's great!

    I hesitate to recommend it, sometimes, because I know I like it primarily as an accountant (all the functions I am used to with accounting software, etc.). But sometimes non-accountants aren't as in love with it. I think it took me a long time to get it set up how I wanted it, too. So I am glad it came together so nicely for you.

    I was just going to do a post like this. Wink Great minds think alike!

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    I added a few categories to the list. That was easy. I like sorting my uncategorized transactions. HeHe! The house "value" (under assets) tripped me up for a few minutes because I was trying to update the mortgage balance there and it wasn't working out. Then I realized I was in the wrong place. Doh! I renamed that as "House Value" instead of just "House".

  3. monkeymama Says:

    The *best* is when you get several years of data in there. To compare. OR, if you want to look up something - like what you paid for that product or service 5 years ago.

    My dh didn't find out who to make the check out to for the refinance. I figured it was the title company - they wanted a cashier's check so we need to know ahead of time. Anyway, I double checked and last time the check was made to Title company. IT was a 2008 check - it took seconds to find it. !!

    I was also just looking up our auto insurance payments over the past several years. Just a click!

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