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Wednesday Spending & Produce

April 12th, 2012 at 07:36 am

Yesterday I had lunch out with a girlfriend at a restaurant about one minute from my work. I had my fav. - coconut curry chicken with veggies and rice, soup, egg roll, tea.

I had to get gas last night on my drive home. A day earlier than my usual Thursday fill-up because of the extra driving to cat sit this weekend.

Wednesday, 4/11
$11 Lunch & tip.
$74 Gas. Fill-up at $4.13/gal.
Dinner: pasta w/homemade tomato sauce, fruit from the new box.

Tuesday, 4/10
$0 Starbucks. Free drink coupon. Smile
$86 City water/sewer.
$92 Diapers.com.
Dinner: more Easter leftovers and pizza leftovers.

Monday, 4/9
Dinner: Easter leftovers.

Here is the weekly produce:

yellow onion
green beans
sweet potatos
red leaf lettuce

1 Responses to “Wednesday Spending & Produce”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    That produce looks amazing, it is all locally grown? That just leads me to miss the farmer's market in my parents' home town. Fortunately we have the insurance of a nice outdoor market in our city, but the quality varies significantly by merchant.

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