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Halloween Spending

October 19th, 2012 at 04:14 pm

It's a quiet afternoon here at work. I was just perusing the newest issue of Time and there was a little article on Halloween spending.

Average spending on costumes - up 6.8% from 2011 ($43.60 average spent)

Pet costumes - up 19%

Decorations - up 13%

Overall spending is expected to be near $8 billion.

So far we have only purchased one pumpkin. DD got a second one for free at her school's fieldtrip.

I don't know what DD wants to dress up as yet and I haven't thought about a costume for little DS until just now. DH and I won't be needing costumes.

I will buy some candy to pass out. I know that we will end up buying some sort of decor item. Maybe just some fake cobweb - that would be nice and cheap. Smile

What's the Halloween spending looking like at your house?

8 Responses to “Halloween Spending”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Candy only. Maybe a pumpkin if the girls are interested. They seem to feel too old to trick or treat. Although if a friend invites the younger one, I'm sure she would go. We'd have to make something up on the fly if that happens. So that would be free! We have several decorations from past parties that we can put up, if they want to decorate. Pretty simple here.

  2. Wino Says:

    Not a big call for Halloween here in Dubai. I did see pumpkins (carved, even) in the local grocer, but the wife and I opted out.

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    When the kids were little, I would create costumes out of what we had. One year, my son was a scarecrow...his hat was a flexible wicker flower basket turned upside down and tied on his head. Overalls, a plaid shirt and some little freckles using an eyeliner...he was adorable. We made ghosts, cammo, ragedy ann, sports, just anything we could think of. Every once in a while I would have to hit the dollar store for something. I do buy candy now for trick or treaters...and I have a special little treat for the grandkids when they stop by. This year, I will buy a pumpkin for any of the grandkids that ask. So far, that is just my oldest grandson...I never saw a need to spend a whole lot on Halloween.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I think my costume will be "black-eyed pea" this year -- so no cost. I will however need to buy a bag of candy to pass out at the annual faculty candy passing event (hosted at different people's homes.) Last year I bought a large bag of Smarties - I think they were around $8.

  5. monkeymama Says:

    The kids wanted Halloween decorations, and I said "heck no" (I just don't like accumulating stuff - beyond the financial side). But I saw some cute stuff at Target so spent $2 on some decoration for them.

    That is it so far. I think costumes will be home-made, but will see. The kids decorated a pumpkin at their school fall festival, which I think technically cost us about a dollar. We only had enough tickets left for one pumpkin, so they shared one.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    We bought a medium pumpkin which sits uncarved on the porch. It will become pies, soup and hot vegetable after Halloween. I will buy candy closer to the date, as I cannot withstand the temptation. Hopefully, I can buy it before the only thing left is cheapo, nasty stuff. Or, I could ask DH to buy now and hide it from me....The local thrift stores have tons of Halloween decoration and costumes if anyone is inclined to shop there.

  7. snafu Says:

    I love Halloween and when possible we've arranged be in LA the last of October and early November but alas no contract there this year. Our condo complex is so well landscaped it's nearly invisible to the neighborhood and passed-over by the kiddies. Our owners are mostly newly married, singles, downsized 55 plus no trick/treat-sters.
    I had a small bin of decorations from when we lived in the house and gave it to a friend who enjoys Halloween decorating.

  8. PNW Mom Says:

    Nothing but candy here and maybe not even that. DD2 is 17 and told old to trick or treat...she and her boyfriend are going to an NBA game, so no parties or costume needed. Decorating with what I have on hand (mainly fall decor). Haven't decided if we want to hand out candy. Years ago when my kids were little, our neighborhood was the place to be....we would have hundreds of kids! All of the kids around here have grown up and are now in highschool or college. I always keep track of how many trick or treaters we have and it seems it goes down year after year. I have also noticed alot of neighbors houses are dark too, so I am still pondering if we want to or not.

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