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March - The First 'Extra' Payday Month

March 2nd, 2013 at 10:42 am

DH and I are both paid on Fridays. A few months each year have five Fridays, thereby giving us an "extra" payday. March is the first for 2013.

I am laying out a plan for all the "extra" payday months here and now. This will keep me accountable to sticking to my plan and keep the money from "evaporating" into the usual monthly money flow.


$300 Truck Registration
$500 EF
$500 CC Payment

Actual: $1223
$300 Truck
$500 EF
$423 CC


$1300 Roof Replacement


$500 Summer Camps/Classes/Activities for Kids
$800 Vehicle Repairs/EF


$500 EF
$800 Christmas Spending

1 Responses to “March - The First 'Extra' Payday Month”

  1. snafu Says:

    We've had a series of TV news reports about roofer scams sine these guys have no credentials and licensing requirements. Please check with your Better Business Bureau, Yelp and any other sites you can access. Ask for more than 3 referrals and call to ask questions. If they say they did the commercial bldg, around the corner, check with their maintenance...that's often the answer of a scammer. Did the guy you hired go on the roof and give a detailed written contract ? Is he insured? Will he do the work or someone else? We're told not to pay up front. Pay 10% good intention, 50% when 50% of work is done, hold back 10% of final payment until you're certain there is no problem.

    Sine you have very specific spending needs like summer activities/camp for DKS, would it help to set aside a specific amount each Friday pay so the $$$ are available when needed? We're not buying on impulse, if it's not on the list of items needed, it get's added at the end maybe two months wait.

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